About Me


Hi!! I am Akshay here from London.

Welcome to my blog! I am glad that you checked out my “About Me” page. 

I have over 20 years experience of in designing & implementing sustainable transformation strategies for organisations that need to become more agile, data-driven and digitally engaged.

I solve the biggest challenges facing organisations as they digitally transform, establishing a reputation for delivery alongside the C suite.

My contribution enables the business to realise a sustainable market competitive advantage that can be measured tangibly onto the business’s bottom line.

My reputation is underpinned by a cumulative experience exceeding 20 years employed by both small niche businesses through to private equity-owned entities and world recognised brands like Rolls Royce, Santander Bank, SKF and Barclays – further highlighting my ability to traverse the sector and scale successfully.

Currently, I am seeking New Opportunities. Feel free to download my profile and contact me for challenging opportunities you may have to match my profile.