Reinventing IT as a revenue generator

The days of CIOs being strictly Information technology specialists are long over. The earlier focus on IT Heads was to ensure that the various components of their information systems were functioning properly or in simple language keeping the lights “ON”. But as organisations have evolved on their technology journey, IT is no longer a back-office … Read more

How Spend Analysis Can Influence Intelligent Business Decisions

Companies need to wake up to the impact of efficient spend analysis in influencing intelligent business decisions. What is Spend Analysis? Spend Analysis is the process by which unstructured expense data or procurement data (from your finance systems such as Oracle or SAP) is structured into a defined taxonomy to not only keep a track … Read more

Emerging Role of CIOs as Banks go Digital

Traditional high street banks that were already under pressure from challenger digital banks are now under more pressure as an impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In Europe, especially, where there has been an extended lockdown by the Government, banks have been left with no choice but to rely on digital methods to service new … Read more

Six Tips for Modernizing Legacy IT systems

In normal terms, inheriting a legacy would sometimes be taken positively as you are being handed over something received from an ancestor or predecessor and could be of immense value. One such example is of railways that the British Empire built in the past and left as a legacy in the colonies they ruled. But … Read more