How to rule your data before it rules you

Everybody says data is the new oil. Yes, it is. But like the oil, crude oil is of no relevance until it goes through a refinery. The analytics engine is the refinery for your data. So put your data through the analytics engine to start getting value out of it. Otherwise, data in itself – sitting in those silos, sitting in those complex systems – cannot deliver much value if you’re not able to utilize it or use it to your benefit.

Hi, I am Akshay Upadhye, co-founder and COO of spend analytics company Spendkey Limited. Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience in technology and consulting, I talk about the role and relevance of data in digital transformation projects. In this Podcast with Andrew Hermitage, I will be guiding you on how not to get yourself drowned in an ocean of unnecessary data.

I reassure you that there’s one thing that will always get our creative juices flowing better than AI and ML ever could – and that’s collaborating with other real human beings just like ourselves!

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